Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ready, set, CrossFit!—Workout Benefits and Smart Tips for Runners

It takes more than just power legs to become a good runner. Owing to its repetitive use of an isolated muscle group, this exercise can cause imbalances in the body if not complemented with other types of training. CrossFit is a great supplemental workout for runners as it involves the entire body, combining power lifting, gymnastic and strength training that conditions muscles for sprint and marathon alike. The resulting loss in body fat also helps a runner cover greater mileage at a faster rate. If you consider including Crossfit in your workout plan, here some important tips for you to start with: Don’t skip the basics Regardless of how in-depth you are in running or even if you’ve tried high-intensity workouts before, a new program will always be different and if you insist on enrolling in higher-level programs right away, you’ll certainly end up sore.